The adventure has started!

The adventure has started! Showcase : Next Big Thing  is a creative store which champions and showcases the next generation of British based fashion brands and designers. They stock womenswear, menswear, outerwear, jewellery, notebooks

Sharing Abundance

Abundance A stolen moment of bliss this morning, as I sat down to stretch out some aching muscles, after a mixed bag of physical, emotional and mental work this week, (and its not finished

DNA – Where Science Meets Spirituality

DNA – Where Science Meets Spirituality. Our Double Helix Necklace, made from solid sterling silver, is one of our best selling pieces. It is of no surprise that the DNA symbol calls to so

Walking our Talk

Walking our Talk. Walking a labyrinth is a metaphor for our journey through life. There is nothing more peaceful than the luxury of walking a labyrinth on your own. It is pretty much the

The Self Love Affirmation

The Self Love Affirmation In the infinity of life where I am, all is perfect, whole, and complete. I see any resistance patterns within me only as something else to release. They have no

Where To Find Us @ INTENT Jewellery

Where To Find Us @ INTENT Jewellery For pure ease and to make sure we’re connecting with you on all our social media platforms, here is the round-up of everywhere that you can find

‘World, I Love You’ Mantrum

‘World, I Love You’ Mantrum  World, I Love You World, I Love You World, I Love You World, I Love You World, I Love You World, I Love You What Is A Mantra? A

A Higher Perspective

A Higher Perspective ‘If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change’ – Wayne Dyer Being one of those people who likes to find meaning and wisdom in

What Would Love Do?

What Would Love Do? With Valentine’s Day knocking on the door, it’s a good excuse to write about love. Love in all its guises; and what our life would be like if we were

The Energy of Gold, Silver & Rose Gold

The Energy of Gold, Silver and Rose Gold #wearyourpower   This blog is dedicated to the energies of the three predominant colours in our jewellery collection – Gold, Silver and Rose Gold. The creative

Gift-Giving Made Simple with INTENT

 Gift-Giving Made Simple with INTENT It’s Mid-November and time to start thinking about Christmas presents! Buying for someone else can be hard enough, so we thought we would make life a little easier in the run

We’re On Villoid!

WE’RE ON VILLOID!    We’ve found our new latest favourite creative outlet at INTENT…       Aside from having blog envy and having our Stranger Things fashion goals sorted and satisfied; Villoid is

Conscious Living, Conscious Giving

CONSCIOUS LIVING, CONSCIOUS GIVING   We at INTENT Jewellery are a ‘Conscious Living Ltd.’ Company; this foundation of mindfulness and conscious thought is a driving force of how and why our company was created.

Which Piece of INTENT Jewellery is for Me ?

WHICH PIECE OF INTENT JEWELLERY IS FOR ME? [Home category images, Product page, . INTENT©2016]   Following straight on from our introductory blog post and the deep-dive of The Geometria Collection and its

The Geometria Collection . Our Evolution of Consciousness

THE GEOMETRIA COLLECTION OUR EVOLUTION OF CONSCIOUSNESS [Sketches from our Geometria Collection design stages]   Our first blog post goes hand in hand with our first collection. Our launch collection, titled THE GEOMETRIA COLLECTION is