Inspired by Sacred Geometry and Numerology; browse our Full Collection to find a style you love. Let yourself be drawn by meaning or intuition to the jewellery that calls to you. Quick-Shop our Necklace and Bangle links below or find an appropriate piece of jewellery For The One You Love. Visit our Blog here for a full narrative of how each piece of our jewellery marks a chapter in a story of Mind, Body and Spirit. And for more help on how to choose an INTENT piece; for yourself or as a gift.

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It’s A Crazy World, Are You Enjoying The Ride?

It’s A Crazy World, Are You Enjoying The Ride? A stolen moment of bliss this morning, as I sat down to stretch out some aching muscles, after a crazy mixed bag of physical, emotional and mental work this week, (and its not finished yet). I had just rolled out my yoga mat, in front of
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DNA – Where Science Meets Spirituality

DNA – Where Science Meets Spirituality. Our Double Helix Necklace, made from solid sterling silver, is one of our best selling pieces. It is of no surprise that the DNA symbol calls to so many people, as it holds the energy of cosmic connections. As science meets spirituality it is the DNA that whispers of
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Why We Should Walk Our Talk

Why We Should Walk Our Talk Walking a labyrinth is a metaphor for our journey through life. There is nothing more peaceful than the luxury of walking a labyrinth on your own. It is pretty much the same as sitting alone in meditation; you can reach that yearned for stillness and reprieve from the stresses
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INTENT Jewellery is a contemporary designer jewellery brand; completely and proudly UK-designed and made. The INTENT approach inspires us to revisit long-forgotten practices of ‘working with energy’ in a very modern way. Calling on archetypal energies, we can focus our intentions to aid us in a more mindful and conscious way of living.

Where intention goes, energy flows.

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