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A Higher Perspective

A Higher Perspective ‘If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change’ – Wayne Dyer Being one of those people who likes to find meaning and wisdom in even the most mundane situations can be a fun past time. It can lead you down all sorts of pathways and
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What Would Love Do?

What Would Love Do? With Valentine’s Day knocking on the door, it’s a good excuse to write about love. Love in all its guises; and what our life would be like if we were love. For those of us lucky enough to have experienced the joy and bliss of meeting a complete stranger and feeling
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The 9 Year Reading List : Our Nine Most Inspirational Books and Their Authors

The 9 Year Reading List : Our Nine Most Inspirational Books and Their Authors We have just entered a new nine year cycle; with 2017 being the year of new beginnings. So we’ve done a roundup of some of the most amazing spiritual and esoteric books and authors that have inspired us over the last
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INTENT Jewellery is a contemporary designer jewellery brand; completely and proudly UK-designed and made. The INTENT approach inspires us to revisit long-forgotten practices of ‘working with energy’ in a very modern way. Calling on archetypal energies, we can focus our intentions to aid us in a more mindful and conscious way of living.

Where intention goes, energy flows.

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