INTENT introduces The GEOMETRIA Collection. Inspired by Sacred Geometry and Numerology, each of the ten numbered boxes below is simply a chapter in our narrative.  Our first collection deep-dives the story of our evolution and physical experience, both materially and spiritually.  Each number stands for a milestone on the journey from the void into the physical world and our development from unconscious to conscious living. Numbers One to Nine hold their own umbrella meaning over the pieces of The Geometria Collection; which in turn have their own individual intention and energy with which you can work.

Browse each section and let yourself be drawn by meaning or intuition to the piece that calls to you; or shop the full collection to find a style you love. Read our Blog post here for the full uninterrupted narrative and for more help on how to choose your INTENT piece; for yourself or as a gift. 


INTENT Jewellery is a contemporary designer jewellery brand; completely and proudly UK-designed and made. Inspired by the purity and familiarity of Sacred Geometry and Numerology; we will never make a piece that is not also a tiny powerhouse reminder. The INTENT approach inspires us to revisit the Shamanic practice of ‘working with energy’ in a very modern way; calling on archetypal energies to aid our spiritual growth. The delicacy of our jewellery draws a stark contrast to its substance; our intention is that this bijoux approach to adorning a body is a constant reminder of the intimate aspect of INTENT.

We celebrate and encourage the individual; we want to connect and inspire a global community of people who are all in love with understanding and taking care of themselves – mind, body and spirit. Click here for our full story.

Where intention goes, energy flows.






The Geometria Collection . Our Evolution of Consciousness

THE GEOMETRIA COLLECTION OUR EVOLUTION OF CONSCIOUSNESS [Sketches from our Geometria Collection design stages]   Our first blog post goes hand in hand with our first collection. Our launch collection, titled THE GEOMETRIA COLLECTION is

Which Piece of INTENT Jewellery is for Me ?

WHICH PIECE OF INTENT JEWELLERY IS FOR ME? [Home category images, Product page, . INTENT©2016]   Following straight on from our introductory blog post and the deep-dive of The Geometria Collection and its

Conscious Living, Conscious Giving

CONSCIOUS LIVING, CONSCIOUS GIVING   We at INTENT Jewellery are a ‘Conscious Living Ltd.’ Company; this foundation of mindfulness and conscious thought is a driving force of how and why our company was created.