Seven Tier Labyrinth Necklace


The Geometria Collection
No.07 – Heptad

• 925 Sterling Silver
• INTENTION : Awakening
• Round 3D disc etched with Seven Tier Labyrinth design
• 0.97mm gauge fine curb chain. Length : 16” (inches)
• Chain extenders available for purchase : + 1” , + 2” (inches)
• Bolt ring fastening with INTENT symbol tag
• Size of pendant : 12 x 12 x 4 mm (H x W x D)

• Product Code : CL-30

I N T E N T I O N : Awakening . The Seven Tier Labyrinth is an ancient geometric symbol; a tool to aid meditation and prayer, healing and transformation. As we enter, it serves as a metaphor for the path to the Soul or to your highest understanding. At the centre we pause for guidance and reflection before we journey back out into the world with a more expanded awareness.
Our spiraling journey to awakening and higher levels of consciousness has begun and our Seven Tier Labyrinth Necklace can help ground your intentions there for a most fulfilling and fruitful phase.

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No.07 – Heptad

The Number Seven is often called the Virgin; in numerology it is the only number whose shape cannot be constructed by a compass and straight edge. It is therefore associated with myth, magic and mystery. It is a heavenly number that just is. Pythagoreans call it the vehicle of life.
Invoke the energy of the Number Seven to delve into the unknown and have the courage to do so. Be the seeker of truth and instigate transformation in your life. As Plato said, ‘To attend to the Soul’s development is the highest good we can do’.

To help you identify with No. 07 The Heptad in your own way, find our keywords below :
Transformation / The Eternal / The Virgin / Enlightenment / Purification / Rainbow Bridge / The Seeker / The Thinker / Searcher of Truth / Spiritual / Contemplation / Soul / Development / Study / Meditation / Research / Solitude / Wisdom / Intuition / Imagination / Magic / Spiritual Awakening / Esoteric / Alchemy / Science / Scientific Research Study / Learning / Manifestation / Healing

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INTENT : The Symbol

The iconic INTENT Jewellery symbol sits at the clasp of every piece we create. It is a powerful reminder of our creative potential, a symbol that has been constructed from significant geometric shapes –

The Square (Our Physicality, Our Earth) + The Circle (The Void, The Universe, Our Origin of Existence) + The Point (The Seed of Creation, Our Intention)

The calculation of these symbols represent our ability to create and manifest with our intentions. That which we put our thoughts and energy to, can be born as a product into our physical human experience.

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