Octahedron Demi Stud Earring


The Geometria Collection
The Platonic Solids

Octahedron Demi Stud Silver Earring. The Octahedron is one of the 5 Platonic Solids.

• 925 Sterling Silver
• INTENTION : Healing
• Solid and precise Octahedron shape
• Size of earring : 9mm x 4mm x 15 mm (H x W x L including earring post)

• Product Code : CL-13

I N T E N T I O N : Healing . The Octahedron Platonic Solid connects us to our heart centre and all the good that comes with the act of living from the heart. When the heart is open, love and compassion flow freely from all directions. It allows a generous, unreserved connection to the spiritual and our own divinity.
We have dedicated our Octahedron to healing. It is our heartfelt intention for each wearer of this piece to receive the healing energies of love. Whether it be healing of the body, the emotions or the mind; ask to connect at the highest possible level to universal healing for love and light.
It is with our love that we hold this intention and space for you.

To help you identify with The Platonic Solid, The Octahedron in your own way, find our keywords below :
Air Element / Heart Chakra / Love / Compassion / Acceptance / Forgiveness / Healing / Nurturing / Reflection / Integration

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The Platonic Solids

The Platonic Solids have been a source of inquest and wonder for millennia. Inspiration for philosophers, mathematicians and geometers alike; their perfection of form, significance and meaning has been relentlessly pondered since their discovery.

Each of the Five Solids have been attributed a series of characteristics and properties that symbolically represent the building blocks of our existence. It would be inconceivable not to include them as the finale of our numerological study through the single digit numbers of our Geometria Collection. The Numbers One to Nine act as metaphors of our single entity journeys; from the void in to physicality and our profound emergence from unconscious to conscious living.