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Sacred Symbols

Merkabah Necklace

• Solid 925 Sterling Silver
• INTENTION : Self Love
• Solid, sharp and precise
• 0.80mm gauge fine curb chain. Length : 16” (inches)
• Longer lengths available are standard 16″ chains with extenders : + 1” , + 2” (inches)
• Lobster clasp fastening with INTENT brand tag
• Size of pendant : 10 x 10 x 10 mm (H x W x D)

• Product Code : CL-08

The Merkabah is one of our most ancient sacred symbols. It is known throughout other religions and traditions as The Throne of God, The Chariot, Vehicle, Chariot of Fire or our Lightbody. In Egyptian it can be translated by breaking down the word into 3 parts; Mer -meaning Light, Ka – meaning spirit and Ba- meaning body. This gives us another indication to its true meaning and use.

Its shape is that of a star Tetrahedron and therefore embodies the ‘as above so below’ and male and female principles, showing us that we are connected to and made up of all aspects of the whole.
Our Merkabah is a reflection of our current state of consciousness. As we open to our spiritual path and focus on the higher vibration energies such as love, joy and gratitude our Merkabah develops and expands with us. It is an electromagnetic blueprint of who we are, a mirror of our physical mental and emotional bodies.

For this reason we have chosen Self Love as the intention for our Merkabah Necklace. As we concentrate on loving ourselves, aligning our lives to as much happiness, joy and peace as we can, we are allowing the activation of our Merkabah. This activation brings us closer with our own source energy, our planet earths’ energy and the ability to enable our own self healing.

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Sacred Symbols

From the earliest cave drawings onwards, we have expressed ourselves through symbols and imagery. Talking to those coming after us, the stories of who we are and what we know. Very often these simple shapes hold the deepest meanings, speaking to us intuitively of mysteries far greater than we can express through the spoken word. Only now in the 21st century, as we learn through science how we are connected and influenced energetically by each other, our surroundings and everything we come into contact with; can we begin to understand how these symbols talk to us.

The intent approach is to practice mindful and focused intent, in pursuit of self-empowerment and our deepest wishes and goals. By connecting with the energy of our jewellery we are inviting the unspoken mystery of these shapes and symbols to work their magic and assist us in reaching a new and higher understanding of ourselves.


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