Icosahedron Necklace


The Geometria Collection
The Platonic Solids

• Yellow Hard Gold Colour-Plated 925 Sterling Silver
• INTENTION : Universal Flow
• Solid, sharp and precise Icosahedron shape
• 0.97mm gauge fine curb chain. Length : 16” (inches)
• Chain extenders available for purchase : + 1” , + 2” (inches)
• Bolt ring fastening with INTENT symbol tag
• Size of pendant : 8 x 8 x 8 mm (H x W x D)

• Product Code : CL-16

I N T E N T I O N : Universal Flow . The Icosahedron Platonic Solid has associations to the element of water and our Sacral chakra. Dealing with this Solid we are in the realms of creativity, relationships and emotions.
Our Icosahedron is a symbol of universal flow; to which we are all connected. When we fight life and try to control or force change, we are padding against that flow and creating emotional blocks for our progress. We can’t always see where life is taking us, we can only be present in each moment. Use the Icosahedron Necklace to accept where you are; set positive intentions for where you want to be and then allow the flow of the universe to take you to that place.
Enjoy each moment of your journey through life and let the universe take care of your destination.

To help you identify with The Platonic Solid, The Icosahedron in your own way, find our keywords below :
Water Element / Sacral Chakra / Movement / Flow / Fluidity / Change / Creativity / Freedom of Expression / Positive Change / Transformation / Fertility / Sexuality / Emotion



The Platonic Solids

The Platonic Solids have been a source of inquest and wonder for millennia. Inspiration for philosophers, mathematicians and geometers alike; their perfection of form, significance and meaning has been relentlessly pondered since their discovery.

Each of the Five Solids have been attributed a series of characteristics and properties that symbolically represent the building blocks of our existence. It would be inconceivable not to include them as the finale of our numerological study through the single digit numbers of our Geometria Collection. The Numbers One to Nine act as metaphors of our single entity journeys; from the void in to physicality and our profound emergence from unconscious to conscious living.

Additional information

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INTENT : The Symbol

The iconic INTENT Jewellery symbol sits at the clasp of every piece we create. It is a powerful reminder of our creative potential, a symbol that has been constructed from significant geometric shapes –

The Square (Our Physicality, Our Earth) + The Circle (The Void, The Universe, Our Origin of Existence) + The Point (The Seed of Creation, Our Intention)

The calculation of these symbols represent our ability to create and manifest with our intentions. That which we put our thoughts and energy to, can be born as a product into our physical human experience.

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