Dual Disc Necklace


The Geometria Collection
No.02 – Dryad

• 925 Sterling Silver fused with Yellow Hard Gold Colour-Plated 925 Sterling Silver
• INTENTION : Balance
• Split-coloured 3D disc with deep dividing groove
• 0.90mm gauge fine snake chain. Length : 16” (inches)
• Chain extenders available for purchase : + 1” , + 2” (inches)
• Bolt ring fastening with INTENT symbol tag
• Size of pendant : 12 x 12 x 4 mm (H x W x D)

• Product Code : DRY-DD

I N T E N T I O N : Balance . Wear the power of the Dryad and the Number Two as you live and explore the A to Z of life and everything in between. As you celebrate all aspects of yourself, others and of life, maintain an intention to stay calm and centered and to bring balance into each moment.
Celebrate your feminine and masculine qualities; acknowledge your light and dark; nurture your body with a balanced diet. If your body is off-kilter it cannot function for its highest good; so acknowledge the co-existence of your dualities and honour your highs and accept your lows to help maintain balance of your Mind, Body and Soul.

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No.02 – Dryad

The energy of Dryad, The Number Two, symbolises a pair of opposites seeking to unite in an urge to return to the oneness and unity of its preceding Number One.
It is a fact of life that on earth we experience duality and polarity tension in many forms. The result of which is a diverse world, presenting us with a myriad of choices and experiences for us to explore and discover ourselves in. The Number Two offers the gift of balance and the ability to embrace and accept ourselves and others as we are, in what we want and what we don’t want.
This number is also the foundation of everything we create; with a focus on the coming into seed when you bring two different elements together to create something new. As the saying goes ‘It takes two to tango’…

To help you identify with No. 02 The Dryad and its dual shapes in your own way, find our keywords below :
Polarity / Manifestation / Balance / Duality / Friendship / Relationships / Opposites / Intuitive / Choice / Harmony / Yin & Yang / Diplomacy / Co-Operation / Understanding / Peacemaker / Perspective / Reflection / Teamwork / Ebb and Flow / Self-Acceptance

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INTENT : The Symbol

The iconic INTENT Jewellery symbol sits at the clasp of every piece we create. It is a powerful reminder of our creative potential, a symbol that has been constructed from significant geometric shapes –

The Square (Our Physicality, Our Earth) + The Circle (The Void, The Universe, Our Origin of Existence) + The Point (The Seed of Creation, Our Intention)

The calculation of these symbols represent our ability to create and manifest with our intentions. That which we put our thoughts and energy to, can be born as a product into our physical human experience.

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