No. 05 - Pentad

The Number Five and the pentagon are most associated with regeneration and the life force, also known as the Fifth Element. Connected to the Fibonacci sequence and the Golden Mean, The Number Five maintains an elusive quality here as well. We can only marvel at how this divine proportion talks to us unconsciously through the beauty and harmony of our bodies, art, nature, music and the cosmos, soothing our Mind and Soul.
Linked to this concept of harmonic aesthetics, but also to the spiral; the Number Five is both fertile and beautiful and so unsurprisingly associated with love in all its different guises. The Pythagoreans associated it with the Hieros Gamos; the ultimate union, the marriage of heaven and earth.

To help you identify with No. 05 The Pentad and the pentagonal shape in your own way, find our keywords below :

Ether / The Fifth Element / The Giver of Life / Gains Life By / Beauty / Dynamic Force / Adventure / Freedom / Activity / Versatility / Romance / Variety / New Opportunities / New Friendships / Regeneration / The Spiral / Nature / Quintessence / Creation / Golden Mean / Fibonacci Sequence / Hieros Gamos / Human Being / Love / Cosmic Design / Pentagram / Grace / Harmony / Art

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